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“Serving your needs for Paper, Boards and Paper Products”

Maxcity is a name endowed for quality products and long lasting Business values and principles. We associate our growth to the consistent support of our partners and associates who had seen us grow through the years and past tides. We have also demonstrated our commitment through every business and every product that we deliver. We pride ourselves on offering stationery products with strong environmental credentials, whether recycled or using virgin fibres from sustainable sources.

We have a strong distribution network and we supply the products like Copy Paper, Printing Paper, Thermal Paper, Art Paper, Duplex and Pulp Board, Corrugated Board, and other Office Stationaries. Regular supplies could be planned based on the requirement.

A4 Copy Paper is the standard size of typing paper adopted by the International Standards Organization. A4 paper is the size most used in the world. It is used as the classic paper sheet in all industrialized countries. It had to be decided on a format that can correspond to a household and professional use for all printing, letters, magazines, forms, etc., that can be found in everyday life. A4 was obviously the right size for these purposes.

Newsprint is inexpensive paper made primarily of ground wood pulp. It is most recognizable for its chiefly use in daily newspapers, although some comic books, trade magazines, flyers and other printed material intended for mass distribution also use it. It usually has an off-white cast and distinctive feel.

Maplitho Paper is widely used in office application like computer stationery, bills, invoices, cashbooks etc. the Maplitho Paper is also used in manufacturing Leaflets/Mailers, Calendars, Writing pads etc. Maplitho is an Eco-friendly wood free paper that has excellent shade stability and light fastness property.

Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. It is used in thermal printers and particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers, and credit card terminals.

Art Paper is a high-quality paper coated with china clay or a similar substance to give it a smooth surface. It is used for printing catalogues, calendars, magazine covers, posters and brochures.

Paperboard is (like paper) a ‘vegetable-fibre web’ formed from a water suspension. It is generally thick similar in shape and composition to paper, but generally thicker, stronger, and more rigid. Paperboard can be made into a wide variety of items, including folding cartons, advertising displays, electrical insulators, and coasters.

Corrugated Board is composed of a fluted corrugated or ribbed sheet with one or two flat linerboards. The design makes it more durable and resistant to bending. It can withstand compression, vibration, shock, moisture, and much more.

Usage: Corrugated cartons have a wide variety of uses that meet the demands of packaging such as candy boxes, ice cream boxes, pizza boxes, corrugated shipping boxes, packing boxes, corrugated paper rolls, carton boxes, printed shoe boxes, corrugated packaging sheets, duplex carton boxes, vegetables boxes, automobile corrugated boxes, rectangular corrugated boxes, mono cartons, heavy duty corrugated boxes, paper boxes and food boxes etc.

Highlights: Lightweight, Sturdy and Strong Economical, Flexible, Eco Friendly, Extremely Customizable, Ultimate Protection and Easy Design Labeling.

We believe in maintaining long lasting and professional relationship with the clients. For this, we provide high quality products and services to the clients. We provide proper training to our team of professionals so that the team will remain updated by the changes and needs of the market. The growth of our company is the result of mutual understanding and customer centric approach of the team experts. Our whole organization work as a team and every individual give their best for offering products to the clients in fixed time.

FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.